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This is a permissions post for all you supernatural characters who interact with Andy! In ZKC canon, Andy has the ability to negate, or even 'shut off' certain abilities just by existing or touching people. Now, usually he has his Limiter on, which cuts off his ability while it's active, but he can turn the Limiter on and off of his own free will, usually whenever he feels threatened, so!

The list of abilities that Andy can negate is here:

> Telekinesis
> Mind Reading
> Teleportation
> Pyrokinesis (extended to lightning and wind versions as well)
> Hypnotism/Illusions

So if your character has any of these powers, just comment here if you

a) Allow Andy to temporarily disable their powers via touching and/or negating them by standing next to them whenever his Limiter is off.

b) Allow Andy to negate their powers just by standing next to them whenever his Limiter is off.

c) Andy cannot negate their powers at all.

If you pick 'c', that's fine! Since Andy's work off of negating ESP waves, if your character's abilities are due to magic, it could canonly work, so it won't be any trouble for me to accommodate that! Or if you just plain don't want your characters to not have their powers negated, I can bullshit it different worlds, or esp only.

Added note: If you pick a) or b), please note that whenever Andy has his Limiter off, your character will immediately feel sick and dizzy in Andy's close proximity since his powers cause those symptoms when they negate ESP. Unless you specifically opt out of that in your comment, then it'll just be power negation!


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